Brick Pointing Contractors

What to Consider Before Hiring Brick Pointing Service in New York?

Brick pointing is a process of removing the damaged mortar joints in brickwork and filling in fresh mortar. Mortar is a mixture used to bind bricks together. It is a critical maintenance procedure which includes renewing exterior mortar joints of the brickwork. It is important to check the proper integrity of the mortar joints. Brick pointing is also known as repointing or tuckpointing. With the passage of time, due to the weather conditions, mortar weakens which is reponsible for strcutural problems. Hiring a brick pointing contractor in NYC can help you restore the structure in its true form and give strength to the brickwork.

Brick pointing is important to stop water infiltration and enhance overall presence of the structure. This process serves as the backbone of the building process and is vital for building’s weight distribution. You must keep inspecting mortar decay as a proactive approach to maintenance and to stop greater damages in structure.

Importance of Brick Pointing:

  • Keeps Structure Integrated

The mortar joints play a vital role in keeping the structure intact and provide stability. Brick pointing helps reduce the risk of building collapse by addressing weak or damaged mortar which the the primary reason for investing in this service.

  • Prevents Water Damage

A brickwork that is damaged, is vulnerable to water penetration and moisture seeping. This can lead into mold growth and many other structural damages. Brick pointing creates a waterproof barrier which prevents water infiltration.

  • Improves Aesthetic Appeal

Brick buildings have a timeless attraction and charm but decaying mortar can detract from their beauty. By hiring professional brick pointing contractors in NYC can help you revitalize the appearance of your building and restores uniformity and clean lines in the brickwork.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Brick Pointing Contractors:

For having high-quality and long lasting results, it is important to hire professional brick pointing contractors. You can get a lot of benefits of entrusting your project to experts.

Professional Brick Pointing Contractors have the knowledge and expertise to assess the condition of your brickwork accurately. They determine accurate mortar mix, tools and techniques required for this job. There are certain tools required for brick pointing to remove old mortar, apply new mortar and achieve precised finish. These tools are accessible by professional contractors.

Attempting to do brick pointing by yourself can be a very time consuming and expensive task. Professional contractors work efficiently and effectively by reducing your project cost and duration, giving high quality results. Similarly it’s important to use durable and weather resistant materials for brick pointing. Professional brick pointing services in NYC apply correct techniquesand ensure curing of the mortar which result in long lasting brickwork.


When choosing brick pointing contractors in NYC, it’s important to make an informed decision. Do thorough research and seek recommendations from friends and family or someone in the construction industry. Look for contractors with good reviews and reputation for their brick pointing. The contractors must have ample experience with such projects and have a good portfolio to access their quality of work.