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Reliance Group NYC is one of the most reputed names as a leader in brick-pointing companies. With more than six years of experience, we have successfully accomplished the projects of both commercial and residential clients with the best results possible. We always focus our attention on providing the most refined quality artistry and customer service to our single clients. Reliance is a fully insured and licensed company to does all types of brick and tuckpointing, restoration, remodeling, and violation removal-related work. Give us a ring today at +718-419-3312, and we will take care of any masonry-related work that you need with precision and agility.

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Brick Repairs and Installation Contractor in NY

Paying attention to the quality and work is our foremost task for the brick repairs and installation NYC services. Being in the construction services for so long, we are completely engrossed in the working of bricks services, whether it is about fixing old bricks into the proper place or installing the new one. We believe in delivering credible results keeping our customers’ expectations consistently high. We know that choosing a trustworthy contractor can be tough amidst so many choices, which we have highly paid attention to keeping ourselves in place of customers. Our General contractor NYC takes you through the overview of how our overall brick working is done with intensive care to ensure that the outcome should turn out to be fruitful.

Our Brickwork Services

Reliance Group NYC, we emphasize the requirement of the clients looking at all aspects of brick repair and installation. Our essential services include brick installation, brick replacement, and brick repair and ensure that our finished brick project delights you and gives immense comfort. We offer extensive repair services for the damaged areas and do the brick restoration that brings fresh vitality to your home and its surrounding.

So, our Brick Pointing Contractors in NYC, brick repair and replacement professionals are involved with the working of repair, brick maintenance, and installation of some of the main domains, such as Brick building, custom brick fireplace, freestanding brick wall, and brick retaining wall, and brick walkway. We go to the market to select bricks to ensure that bricks are durable, and it’s up to us to take complete care of bricks until they are appropriately installed and whatever we install lasts for long.

Brick Repairs and Installation Specialists

We deliver high-quality, beautiful brick pointing services to our clients, ensuring customers’ perspectives are in mind. Our specialists know the value of hard work required in making the building and house, and so does the expectation of the customer’s efforts go in vain instead, we come up with fruitful results. Our team is well equipped with proper tools and has knowledge of how to add new structure to a landscape with bricks. Our professional team of experts is well versed with every form of repairing and replacing brickwork and gives utmost importance to the customers’ needs. Be it the work of repair, replacement, or installation, and we can transform the so-called look into something spectacular at affordable prices.

Brick Pointing And Tuck Pointing Services

Brick pointing/repointing is mainly required when the mortar on the wall, the paste used to bind the bricks, gets damaged due to excessive exposure to sunlight or water. The overall process of brick pointing involves removing and replacing damaged, deteriorated missing mortar between the block, brick, and stone.

There comes a time when even beautifully built property needs maintenance, and bricks play a significant role in strengthening the foundation of the building. The need for Brick Pointing Contractors NYC is evident, which reduces the burden from your shoulder. The need is utmost; when you start experiencing the water seeping through your brick walls or apertures and cracks start taking place due to the gap of long years, some cracks and chips also develop in the bricks.

During such a harsh condition, our professionals strive hard to whittle down the stress of the customers. Reliance ensures to provide you essential services to preserve the condition of your bricks. It is evident that the mortar joints start deteriorating after some time and cause the bricks to dislocate and develop cracks, and ignoring cracks may put you in great difficulty.

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The role of brick pointing is blocking out the water from entering the house or building through the walls, which happens during monsoon or winter, leaving the brick walls damp for longer.


Damage occurs when water continues to come in the weathered mortar joints through the spaces, and consistent flow of water helps build up the damages causing apertures and cracks alongside; it’s the work of brick pointing eventually which serves the purpose. Our professionals in brick pointing NY are experts in dealing with the intricacies of crack walls and bricks due to natural reasons..

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Make sure you entrust the job to the well-trained and experienced professionals like us who have taken brick pointers NYC to a new level by making innovative changes in the brick pointing services to delight the customers with credible and long-lasting results.

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This means that wetting and drying of the wall happens in the bricks themselves, resulting in frost damage. You will end up with the bricks eroding before the pointing, which is exactly what you do not want

In a brick wall the brick must always be considered permanent and the mortar sacrificial. There should therefore be cycles of repointing at about 50-year intervals where the brick remains the permanent feature and the mortar is the element that is replaced.

If you notice any bricks beginning to come loose, it’s a sure sign that your mortar has significantly deteriorated and your house needs to be repointed. When the mortar deteriorates, it is no longer able to hold the bricks in place, so bricks can move out of place

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